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Our skin’s appearance can often be a reflection of our inner health. Make sure you take care of it through regular checkups and proper skincare.

Same day appointments & walk in appointments are welcome.

Our Certifications

Board Certifications

    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • State Of The Art CLIA accredited laboratory
    • Board Certified MOHs Surgeon
    • Board Certified Surgical Pathologist
    • Board Certified Dermatopathologist
    • Board Certified Histotechnologist

Our Clients Say

Dr. Is fantastic and staff was wonderful. I would highly recommend this practice.


The staff were very friendly the office was clean and the atmosphere was calm not rushed all my questions were answered the doctor was great


I found this wonderful clinic because i had a suspicious lesion…The wonderful woman who answered the phone got me a pretty darned quick appointment. Upon arrival I was greeted like an old friend…everyone I had contact with on arrival was gracious, professional and made me feel calm. the woman who brought me into the exam room was so nice and professional and nice. Dr. Wallis himself then came in and looked at the signt I came about which was doing better and nothing to be concerned about BUT he then spotted a suspicious mole lower to the right which I had not known about. I was numbed and he came in and removed the offending mole. First, for the few people who are giving one stars because Dr. Wallis is not as talkative or gushy as they want. If I want silly inane conversation I will go to some cocktail party (but that is why i don’t like going to them anyway). I want my physician to be business like, direct and to the point and one that doesn’t mind me asking questions. This is Dr. Wallis. You have other physicians office both GP’s and Dermatology that you don’t EVER get to see the doctor. You see on PA’s. Dr. Wallis, in my opinion, does not have time to sit around playing cards with you or telling jokes or gushing over your grandchildren’s photos. I am trilled I got to see a doctor…first off…second he has superior staff, third I don’t yet have my biopsy results but I am so glad Dr. Wallis spotted this thing that I had not known about. My previous dermatology people could not fit mein for nearly 2 months….and trust me you won’t see a phsyician even though your insurance or you will be billed as you had. I feel in very secure hands here with Citrus Dermatology and plan to remain with them. Thank you to all the staff there.