Brandie is a Citrus County native and the founder of Citrus Dermatology. With a mother and aunt practicing as registered nurses throughout her life, Brandie realized that she also wanted to fulfill an education and career in the medical field. She was a dual-enrolled student while in High School and graduated from the College of Central Florida in 2001. She moved on and began her medical career in 2007 when she obtained her CNA license. As a family of her own began to flourish she needed more flexible work hours and began working as a Gross Tech in a Dermatology Lab in 2009. Her interest in this field quickly grew where she began mentoring under a Dermatopathologist and further enrolled in Histotechnology courses. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Histotechnology from Florida State College in 2010. Brandie has spent her career working alongside Dermatopathologists and MOHs Surgeons where she specializes in processing MOHs procedures. Brandie began to see a need in her hometown for patient-focused quality care which led to the founding of Citrus Dermatology. She is an active member of our community and remains active here in our laboratory as a Histotechnologist.